Leveraging technology to empower a child to self-learn

A Girl taking Notes is Sitting on a Chair in Front of a Computer Displaying Educo Learning Center's Online Courses

Learn faster and effectively

Learning is all about engaging the learner to keep progressing, and ELC does it very well. ELC enables students to learn more material at a faster pace than students in traditional face-to-face or virtual classes. This is made possible by incorporating dynamic interactive content. Through ELC, students can work at their speed and have complete control over their learning outcomes.

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ELC helps reduce student's anxiety and makes learning rewarding for students

It is a well-known fact that some students avoid studying Math because of the fear of embarrassment for non-performance. ELC provides several opportunities to learn and perform with repeated trials of assessments and only the best performance is recorded and reported to parents. This makes learning with ELC motivating and rewarding.

Screenshot Showing Educo Learning Center's Self-directed Math Activities for Grade 6

Self-directed learning (Powerful Tutorials)

ELC is loaded with dynamic interactive tutorials and fun activities, that promote self-directed learning. The child gets instant feedback with solutions and options to attempt again, with similar questions after learning from the solutions from the previous attempt.

Screenshot Showing Educo Learning Center's Math Practice Sheets

Practice sheets to review and get ready for graded assessment

ELC allows students to get reinforcement after learning from tutorials with digital practice sheets, each containing variety of conceptual questions. ELC practice sheets are delivered in several formats :
1. With instant feedback after every question
2. Feedback after the completion of the Practice Sheet.
3. Option to get a new online practice sheet on the same concept for new attempts
4. Besides digital practice sheets, a student can also download and print practice worksheets to complete them offline.

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Build a learning habit

It is quite common that students to start focusing on course material just before exams. Subjects like Mathematics where learning is sequential require regular study habits. ELC course delivery provides guided learning pathways to enable students to master concepts through regular assessments as they move from one skill to the next.

Learning Activities

This helps in the development of the cognitive abilities of the students. Each tutorial is followed by numerous algorithmically generated examples to reinforce the concepts discussed in tutorials. These tutorials are a great resource for teachers in class or virtual to make their teaching interactive and engaging. ELC also provides digital activities that provide an engaging set of questions to improve speed and accuracy.