Seamless solution to teacher's hustle that improves quality teaching and student performance.


Automate all the routine instructional tasks

Teachers in general, invest a huge amount of time in preparing lecture discussions, creating and grading assessments, recording and computing grades, providing reports to students and parents, and sending and receiving information from students. This causes abstraction from focusing their attention on their students. ELC makes it easier for teachers and automates most of these tasks, allowing teachers to pay more attention to their students and manage the class better through interactive discussion, made possible by using ELC digital interactive lecture notes.


Innovate your teaching methods

Conventional teaching methods are totally dependent on the effectiveness of individual teachers. ELC offers pre-created lecture discussions, related examples, activities for teachers, and assignments for students in the form of home-works, practice quizzes, and quizzes. These innovative methods of teaching make even a new teacher as effective as the experienced reputed teacher.


Regulate pace and quality of instructions

Often due to vast course-related and other academic responsibilities, teachers have to rush through the course content during the last few weeks of the academic term. This, at times, goes beyond the student's capacity to learn and comprehend, which results in a lack of performance.
ELC helps to alleviate this problem and supports the teacher in a way that the quality of teaching is enhanced by multi-folds. This is made possible through a structured lesson plan now followed by several Educo user initiatives in US, India, and Jamaica.


Structured lesson plan

A structured learning environment, that is close to the current practices but has built-in procedures to automate the execution of structured weekly lesson plans. Once the teachers finalize the weekly lesson plan, containing lecture notes and tutorials, homework, and quizzes, it is exported to all sections of the course. All weekly assignments become active and expire every week for all sections automatically. Every teacher teaching that course, then, has to follow that weekly lesson plan. This regulates the pace of instruction and quality of evaluation among different groups of students of a course.


Some Special Features to empower teachers

ELC Lecture Notes for teachers are available to students online.

ELC Gradebook automatically captures all online assessment records, graded automatically. Teachers can modify default grade book options
1. Assessment categories and their weights
2. Grading Scale: divisions and cutoff scores
3. Messages to students getting a different grade.

Teachers can use ELC default assessment for every skill and standard of a course. They can edit the default assessments, or create any assessment of their own.

ELC provides several reports for students, teachers, and parents including
1. Progress students for students
2. Grade-time-activity report of the class for teachers
3. A comprehensive report on all assessments for all students in a single dynamic excel, on-screen. If there were 30 assessments for a class of 30 students, then each student row will have 30 scores cells.
The teacher can click on any cell to view or edit the online graded assessment of that student.
Educo is integrated with the comprehensive learning management system (LMS) of our sister portal is meant exclusively for institutional users.