Welcome to Educo Learning Center

Educo Learning Center is one of the several educational service initiatives launched by Educo International Inc (Educo), the leading provider of powerful learning resources for Kindergarten(K1) to College level education. Educo's headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and has offices in Caguas Puerto Rico (USA), New Delhi (India), Bangalore (India), Kingston (Jamaica), and Port of Spain (Trinidad).

Its most popular learning portal www.educosoft.com is now providing services to schools and colleges in several countries. It was first launched in 1991 by Dr. Manmohan Sharma, now professor Emeritus Mathematics, Clark Atlanta University (USA). Since then, with funding support from US Department of Education, IBM, and support from several of his team members across US-India-Puerto Rico-Jamaica, this platform has evolved as one of the most powerful teaching/learning and instructional management portals.

Our experience over the last 30+ years leads us to believe that success in higher education can be assured if student’s foundations in two critical areas, Quantitative skills and Language, are made strong at an early age in primary education. Any shortcoming at this stage makes later stages of education more and more challenging for the child, leading to unsatisfactory achievements at every stage of the child’s future career. Even to be a well informed citizen, these two areas of knowledge and skill are fundamental.

It is with this vision in mind, we have stretched Educo's mission to include our focus on empowering school teachers to be able to engage their students productively in class, online, or at home. Our team has done an extensive literature search and evaluated techniques and processes used by several online content providers and came up with a design of our own, that meets the requirements of well-known learning pedagogies for children. The main features of our student learning and engagement activities delivered through Educo Learning Center (ELC) are summed up in five areas:

1) Rules are derived with powerful step-by-step illustrations that empower teachers to effectively engage students in class or online.

2) Rules are re-enforced through several practice sheets, each with unlimited variations of sets of questions. The objective is to help the child in mastering skills not by rote memorization but by engagement in several different types of activities needing those skills.

3) Each practice sheet is delivered with instant feedback to every question with step-by-step solution and options to try again, different but similar question.

4) Several activities are provided that enhances student’s critical thinking and conceptual understanding.

5) They are all in HTML5, meaning it can be used through any gadget, even mobile cells.

6) Almost 24/7 support from our technical staff.