Main Features

The main features of our student learning and engagement activities delivered through Educo Learning Center (ELC) are summed up in the following list.

1. All mathematical rules and procedures are derived through visual step-by-step illustrations, as against just listing of rules for students just to remember. Students learn and remember by applying those rules.

(Lecture notes for teachers and tutorials for students in Educo Learning Center (ELC) are designed keeping this mind.)

2. After learning how the rules are derived, the child must apply those rules in several different situations that are familiar to the child.

(This is provided in ELC through several types of activities after each tutorial including: Practice Sheets, Puzzles, Estimation and Critical Thinking Skills, Conceptual Understanding Activities, and Higher Order Thinking Skills )

3. All activities are self-guided, and the child should be able to complete successfully without any external help.

(ELC activities are generated algorithmically, with unlimited variations. Child gets instant feedback with step-by-step solutions with options to attempt again after learning from solutions.)

4. All learning activities must be accessible to all children, through all digital media, irrespective of the economic status of the child’s parents.

(All activities are created using HTML5. This enables access to these activities through any gadget running with any browser, even through smart phones.)

5. Children must use print material also that should supplement or support online activities.

(Keeping this mind, printed workbooks are provided for every grade. These workbooks are 100% compatible with online tutorials and activities in ELC. References to online Practice Sheets and activities are provided in the printed practice sheets in the workbook.)

Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower teachers, globally, in effective use of technology in class, and for engaging students at home, for the development of two most fundamental skills (Quantitative and Language) that are necessary for children to be groomed as well- informed citizens.